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We would like to inform you that our Authorized Distributor in SWITZERLAND is SMC SUISSE MEDICARE SAGL

Only our authorized distributors have authentic WiQo products and the complete knowledge necessary to use, train, correctly store and transport them. By ordering through an authorized Distributor, you can be sure that you are purchasing authentic and original WiQo products, which comply with European and Suisse Regulations, as well as laws on correct storage and transport of our products to avoid contamination, spoilage or other dangerous conditions. Furthermore, only authorized distributors are able to provide appropriate professional training and full post-sale support. Supplies offered from ANY other source may be counterfeit (fake) and may not have been properly stored or shipped, which would adversely affect the efficacy of the products. Therefore, WiQo DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE QUALITY OR SAFETY OF PRODUCTS PURCHASED FROM UNAUTHORIZED SELLERS


Three reasons to buy from the Official Distributor


Only Original products directly from the manufacturer​


Continuous training and coaching, to get the best out of our treatments

Ever the best price

The best products at the best price, special kits and exclusive offers

Our Bestsellers

WiQo PRX T33

is a gel that, applied with a specific technique, provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration.

WiQo PRX T Lady

Suggest the PRX T Lady for the intimate parts to your patients and help women with a discomfort that is often difficult to express.

WiQo Reverse PEEL

Progressive treatment of reconditioning MELASMA and Dermo-Epidermal Hyperpigmentation


PRX-THERAPY is a revolution of needle- free biorevitalization.

Each session is painless and consists in the application of a product that stimulates the skin’s natural regenerative process.

Your doctor will develop a protocol with you based on the expected result, your aesthetic needs and skin type, and will schedule a number of sessions.

The first result is immediately visible after the outpatient session. The home treatment maintains the beneficial effect and enhances it over time.

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